I am a Software Engineer, passionate about clean, maintainable, and innovative solutions.

Since I know myself, I love build and create things. I got familiar with programming at the age of 9, and since then I have not stopped learning about it. After the high-school I took exams and certificates about computer networks, completed a bachelor degree as a System Engineer in 2010. In my Msc. I switched from studying routing protocols and focused on low-level programming on embedded systems together with high-level machine learning courses. Graduated as a Software Technologists specialised in data-mining, my thesis work was about to create a hardware correlator in FPGA for which we published an improvement for a scheduling technique calculating multiple-tau based ACF and XCF.

Started my career in Belgium as Junior Software Engineer after my graduation from Msc. in 2012. Since then, though my title has been changed from Senior Software Engineer to Software Architect and back, my curiosity for seeking innovative solutions and my dedication to make a simple good work has remained the same.

I have been pursuing a PhD since 2013, my research area is real-time communication systems. I designed a congestion control algorithm named FRACTaL for Real-Time Media works on multiple paths, and developed gstreamer plugin for industrial deployment. I joined callstats.io in 2016, where I was responsible for WebRTC call quality evaluations. Maintaining an open-source project called ObserveRTC to evaluate and monitor WebRTC applications. Since 2021 I am working for Whereby.

Currently I am living in Helsinki with my wife with whom we try to explore the World as much as we could. In my free-time I like running, playing piano and downhill skiing.